Marceline Adventure Time Cosplay

Hello Humans, and welcome to my first cosplay post. I just wanted to share some tips for how I did this Marceline cosplay because it was really easy, and (more importantly), really cheap.


Picture 13


The cosplay is made up of three basic elements: The wig, the grey base makeup, and the fangs, all of which I bought on Amazon.


The fangs:

scarecrow fangs

I used these classic style Scarecrow Brand custom fangs. They are a bit more expensive than the 99 cent plastic ones you wore in elementary school that barely fit in your mouth and made it sound like you were gargling marbles every time you attempted to speak, but I assure you these are worth the extra dollars. The Scarecrow fangs come with a putty that customs molds to your teeth and stay on the same way a sports mouth guard does. Also, they can be reused as many times you like. These fangs can be purchased on Amazon by clicking here.


The Wig:

marceline wig

I took a gamble ordering this wig. It was really cheap so there was a good chance it was going to be thin/poor quality, but I was actually quite impressed at what I got (for the price, of course). It was VERY long, which is perfect for Marceline, and with any sort of hair this long, tangling is going to be an issue. Even if you have the thickest, healthiest, smoothest hair in the ENTIRE world, at 40″ long, it is going to get tangled. But when it is brushed out and smooth, the wig does look very nice. The link to this wig can be found by clicking here.


The Makeup:

mehron light grey

The makeup I used to grey-out my skin was Mehron’s CreamBlend Stick in Light Grey. I chose Mehron because I’ve used it before for school plays. It goes on easily and has pretty good staying power once it is set. I used slightly damp makeup sponge to pat it on all over my face, neck, and backs of my hands. This stick can be purchased by clicking here. Warning: The picture looks much darker on amazon but I assure you it is a lighter grey.

Picture 3

I think the final result was pretty alright. I wish I had better photos of the whole thing to share but, alas, I am my own photographer, and all I had back in 2015 when I did this was a laptop and a webcam. Some finishing touches I added to the cosplay were a baggy red flannel and dark skinny jeans (both free because they were already in my wardrobe). Marcie wears a lot of different outfits throughout the show and most of them are pretty simple, being different colored tee shirts and jeans. Most likely, you already own something that can be used as an outfit for this Marcie cosplay.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this. I hope at least some of it was helpful! If you have any thoughts or questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments!




Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with or sponsored by any of the brands mentioned in this post. All reviews of the products mentioned are my honest opinions.






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