Hello, fellow humans.

This page is dedicated to things about myself, so naturally I cannot fathom why any human would decide to come here.  But as long as you’re here, I’ll list some points that might interest you:

I’ve run my own shop on Etsy for the past two years. I make knit crafts, fantasy jewelry, cosplay items, and bath bombs. My shop can be found here: The Apocalypse Shop @Etsy

I love taking photos and spending time outside. A link to my photography portfolio can be found here: Elle Foxx @portfoliobox

I’m mostly introverted so I spend a lot of my free time in my room tying to create things (i.e, artwork, new crafts for my shop, blogs I may or may not abandon). Being unproductive is my biggest pet peeve.

I get a little too excited about cats, tea, and craft supplies

I used to play a lot of instruments but I don’t have time to anymore because of school, although I do still sing.