Pastel Vibes

"You don't own anything pink" "You only wear dark clothing, lighten up" How about I wear whatever I want because I know I can rock any look, even pastel (after wearing all black, every day for YEARS). Jacket by Forever 21 (From the "Men's" Section), Leggings by Jiayiqi on Amazon, Shirt by Black Matter

New Face Care Routine (Oil/Blackhead Prevention)

I've been waiting a couple months to write this post since I wanted to make sure my skin was feeling the full effects of these new products, and now my skin feels AMAZING. I haven't had a major breakout in months and my face always stays smooth and oil-free until the next wash! Below, I'm [...]

Hello Humans.

Looks like you've found my corner of the universe. This place will be my digital diary, of sorts. Basically, it's a way for me to share all my different creative outlets in one tidy place. Enjoy. Or don't. This is more for myself than it is for anyone else.